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Add sunglasses to your daily skin care regiment

woman ocean sunglssesCalifornia women spend an average of $9.50 a day on skin products, ranging from eye creams and moisturizers to foundations and brow products.

Over 70% of these women use advanced treatment products which improve the appearance of the skin, so less
cover-up make-up is required. Aging is only part of the skin condition story. The big villain of the story is UV radiation. The chronic effect of repeated exposure to UV radiation is premature aging of the skin: dryness, wrinkles, skin furrow, sagging. Does
this sound uncomfortably familiar? The skin around the eyes is the most delicate. A good pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from UV radiation but the skin around your eyes as well. Be sure that your glasses have a “backside UV application.”
This prevents UV rays from bouncing off the back of the lenses into your eyes and skin.

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