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Contact Lenses

eye-technology-maleOur doctors fit a wide selection of contact lenses including “daily disposable”, bifocal/multifocal, toric, colored, and specialty lenses. Whatever your interest in contact lenses, our selection of lenses will fit your needs.

A good contact lens fit starts with a thorough eye exam to assess the health of the eye, ensure the most up-to-date prescription, and rule out any pre-existing conditions that could interfere with contact lens success. In addition, a contact lens fitting exam is required for measurements and assessments that are not part of the routine eye exam, such as the topography of the cornea, iris and pupil diameter, and the quality of the tear layer.

The contact lens global fitting fee includes the contact lens exam, all trial lenses, and any follow up visits required to assure you the healthiest fit and clearest vision. We teach all our patients proper contact lens insertion and removal techniques, proper lens care and the possible health consequences of poor care or incorrect wearing behavior.

Contact Lens Options

All lens options: “daily disposable”, reusable two/four week, and rigid gas permeable are available for the near sighted (myopic), far sighted (hyperopic), presbyopic, or astigmatic patient.

Why daily disposables?

  • The healthiest contact lens option because you use a new, clean and sterile lens every day.
  • No cost for care products.
  • More comfort from a fresh, clean lens.
  • More comfort from a thinner lens material because the lens only has to last one day.
  • Many daily lenses now include a moisturizing agent that delivers all day comfort and relief from dry eye.
  • Better vision from a cleaner lens.

If you have been told you could not wear contact lenses because…

  • You have dry eyes – many “daily disposable” lenses contain “moisturizers.”
  • You need reading glasses or bifocals – the technology of bifocal and multifocal contact lenses makes these lenses very functional and comfortable for many patients.
  • You have an irregularly shaped cornea – not only do our doctors fit toric contact lenses which correct for astigmatism, we also have new “hybrid” contact lenses which very comfortably treat keratoconus and other irregular corneas.

Our doctors fit the following, and many more:


  • Air Optix Aqua®
  • Dailies AquaComfort Plus®
  • Total One®

Bausch & Lomb

  • BioTrue One Day®
  • PureVision®
  • Softlens®


  • Biofinity®
  • Clariti 1 Day®
  • Proclear 1 Day®


  • Acuvue Oasys One Day®

Acuvue Advance®

  • 1-Day Acuvue Define® (Beauty Lens)
  • 1-Day Acuvue Moist®

Specialty lenses

  • Definitive Custom
  • Metro Optics Custom
  • Synergeyes
  • Orthokeratology, or "ortho-k," is the process of reshaping the eye with specially-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The goal of ortho-k is to flatten the front surface of the eye and thereby correct mild to moderate amounts of nearsightedness and astigmatism.
  • We have secure, online ordering of your contact lenses. Find out more.
  • Challenges such as astigmatism, presbyopia, keratoconus and dry eyes needn’t be a barrier to contact lens wear, but they do require more time and patience.