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Dr. Marc Dea


Dr. Marc Dea received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from U.C. Davis and his Doctor of Optometry from the U.C. School of Optometry at Berkeley. Before entering private practice, Dr. Dea completed a postgraduate teaching fellowship at U.C. Berkeley.

Dr. Dea’s professional philosophy includes forward thinking, preventative care, and utilization of modern technological advances to complement traditional diagnostic theories/practice. Dr. Dea joined Primary Eyecare in June 1999 because the mission statement and daily practice best-suited his personal goals and professional beliefs. In addition to primary care, Dr. Dea enjoys working with patients who have contact lenses. He also enjoys collaborating with ophthalmologists for the management of those patients considering or undergoing laser refractive surgery. With all patients, Dr. Dea believes that it is critical for patients to understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. To this end, he takes pride in his ability to explain complex terminology in a format that is understandable and meaningful.

In his spare time, Dr. Dea enjoys spending time with the recent additions to his family: his wife and 2 young boys. He also enjoys reading, digital photography, and watching sports.